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Virtual Back Office

FHWV Partners' Virtual Back Office provides businesses with professional and accurate accounting services without the expenses associated with an entire accounting department.  The purpose of the Virtual Back Office is to make your life easy. This can be accomplished via a set of tools and systems customized for your company’s unique needs.


Our development of the Virtual Back Office allows clients to handle as much or as little of the necessary accounting to run their businesses from anywhere in the world. The Project Board is the primary tool within the Virtual Back Office. It is a secured web-based application that allows the client and FHWV Partners to upload shared files, monitor to-do lists and communicate. Clients can access their information from anywhere and share it anyone who needs it. The Project Board uses 128-bit SSL encryption.


Give us a call to find out how Virtual Back Office can make you life easy with an accounting solution that allows you to focus on the components of your business that you enjoy.





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