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FHWV Partners recognizes that the tax planning needs of our clients often overlap with other financial planning concerns. We help our clients develop strategies to meet their wealth goals by assessing their current financial situations, identifying the planning gaps that may exist, and then help them make adjustments that may significantly improve their financial situation.

We also work closely with our alliance partners whose expertise in other financial planning fields ensures that our clients’ needs are met and integrated with all facets of their tax planning. This integrated approach gives FHWV Partners an advantage over other firms that do not factor in the different components of a clients financial profile. Our wealth planning services include:


Wealth Management

  • Complimentary reviews from an experienced Certified Financial Planner

  • Management of financial assets through a wide array of investment styles and options with scheduled quarterly portfolio reviews

  • Retirement planning (401(k)s, Profit Sharing Plans, SEPs, IRAs etc.)

  • Education funding

  • Deferred compensation planning

  • Trusts administration



Wealth Protection and Transfer

  • Asset protection and trust planning

  • Creditor protection

  • General wealth transfer planning

  • Estate planning

  • Philanthropic planning

  • Retirement plan distribution planning

  • Insurance planning (buy-sell agreements, key man insurance, workers comp,etc.)

  • Monetization and diversification of publicly traded securities

  • Business succession planning

  • Pre-sale and exit planning







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